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Nicolette Nottage
Interior Designer. Co-founder

Nicolette Nottage

Born in The Bahamas, Nicolette Nottage is a creative artist with experience in architectural design, paintings and drawings, photography and crafts.  From a young age, she has had a keen interest in exploring the arts, through visual arts, musical studies and poetry.  This led her to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture to further explore her talents in designing spaces for the built environment. 

Her style is bold, and colorful, yet simplistic and modern. This helps her gain detailed insights on what clients want and implement the same to perfection.  So successful is her approach that the projects that have won her the most praise from clients are all inspired by nature and social issues.  For Nottage, art is not just a skill but it is an outlet to express creativity and innovation in a concrete way that would benefit others. 


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