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Nicolette Nottage is the perfect example of how to turn a passion into a successful business venture. From a very young age, Nottage knew that she had an eye for the creative arts and graphic design. It is this passion that drove her to pursue a degree in architecture and form Nottage Visual Design. She created Nottage Visual Design as a visual design company serving corporate and individual clients and specializing in drawings, paintings and interior design concepts and renderings. 

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Over the years, she has exhibited artworks throughout The Bahamas and the United States.   Nottage’s success as a designer stems from her strong design skills and her ability to imagine and innovate. From portraits to still life drawings, her designs are inspired by the world around us and some of her best projects have been inspired by things as simple as landscaping and wall patterns. Outside of her artwork, Nottage is a lover of jazz music and enjoys travelling the world to experience different cultures. 

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